Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hippie Zombies PLEASE eat the Hipsters!

Peace to my Pineapples
But let me cut to the core.....

 Hey all you hippies what happen? Where have you gone? It appears the dreaded snarky tech savy hipster has killed the original hippie! Since the 60's each new generation had among them a group of free spirits that inherited and kept alive the hippie spirit but somewhere around 1999 something happened and a ugliness spurred and messed it all up! Maybe the electricity currents from all our new hand held gadgets zapped and blocked the hippie vibe, maybe the stronger potent drugs screwed the new hippies up but what was born was extremely scary...a Frankienstien like creation that has nothing to do with Peace Love and Harmony. 

I have news to the modern day wannabe young hippies your about 2 generations too late to claim this as your own original organic idea. in the process of you living a lifestyle that you think makes you better you spent too much time trying to prove your superiority and you lost your way! Your destroying the true essence of the real original hippie the one you had nothing to do with creating and you killed the true hippies! 

I don't have a problem with hippies I have a problem with SNOBBY HIPPIES  that seemed to have breeded with Hipsters at some point and created some super scary new strain on Hippies I call Hippie-sters. That’s right a genetically grown un-organic and un-original cross between the hipster and the hippie. I know all true hippies are shaking their head in a collective sigh and “bummer” and I hope there are still true hippies out there. I live in a large city and I understand that in other places there are still groups of loving friendly hippies but in my city and other metro towns the attack of the Hippie-sters have taken over in full force and destroyed the peace loving hippie that once freely roamed the Earth. 

I'm not hating on Hipsters they are unique and even though nauseating at times (like all little sub-cultures can be at times) they still have a style as self-absorbed as it is and have a place in society but so did Hippies and it was a very important place I feel and we don't need Hippie-sters killing them and taking over! The true essence of a real hippie is beautiful, magical, loving and non-judgmental. That is a real hippie. The type of genuine caring spirit that doesn't chastise another group of people for not drinking un-pasteurized milk or for using paper plates at a picnic. A real hippie doesn't just talk the talk he walks the walk; barefoot with shell ankle bracelets no less:-) I am not trying to be stereotypical although I am dosing this with heavy mental pictures of what society thinks a hippie is but what we all know and have always known is that hippies are accepting. They are accepting of everybody and anybody and especially those unlike them hell they coined the term its ALL GOOD MAN and GROOVY!
The loving accepting spirit is being replaced by young angry un-informed braided and bearded men who shun all people who do not believe their viewpoints. Drug use to them is the definition of freedom and fighting the system however it is causing them not to move forward and impact the world. The hippie-ster girls pretend to be little nymph fairies and are just as superficial as any other female in sub-cultures they try to discredit. These little hippie fairies are brainwashed and hang onto each word of the radical angry hippie male. Rather than be out on the front line supporting liberating causes and coming up with original thoughts like the founding hippie woman before them they spend their time consumed with eating disorders to remain nymph like, deal with serious drug addictions, and are ruled by their own consumer greed of being a fashionable hippie-ster rather than be a true open and welcoming soul.
Seriously the modern day hippie-ster male has names like Collin, Bret, Eugene and Finn. I cannot take them serious as a true hippie with neighborhood names like that and worse they date suburb raised girls with vanilla names like Grace, Ashley and Lexie. When they have children they try to erase their normal beginnings and brand them with tags like Ash, Ember, Azura and Bowie or the dreaded and un-original Hendrix. It is almost humorous to see these uninspired consumerist try to convince themselves and the world they are anything but run-of-the-mill.

Let me be crystal energy clear here I am not picking on hippies because I dislike them I am spotlighting the need for them because they were always the light in the storm. Whenever the world seemed harsh and unwelcoming I took comfort in knowing there was always a little section of town full of kind loving people who would say YOUR ALWAYS WELCOME HERE AND WE LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE EVEN IF YOU DO EAT MEAT! The ring around the camp fire spirit has been replaced with scoffing looks at me in the Starbucks line as they huddle at the table drinking their iced Naked drinks. (which I love by the way especially mango) and wearing expensive what nots they buy off Esty.  That section of a loving utopia that I took for granted has been replaced with a very jaded, judgmental, harsh new generation of wannabe-hippie hippie-sters. They stand for nothing unless it benefits them and they are cruel to people who don't agree with their limited views.

We need the original loving Hippie back! They reminded us to stand up for other people they alone spearheaded and kept causes like FREE TIBET ALIVE all the way up until the early 90's. When was the last time you heard about FREE TIBET? For me it was from a 50year old English teacher who just discovered yoga while watching the shopping network late one night. Hippies changed the world because in the 60’s they joined hands with every person no matter their race or problem and said WE ARE HERE FOR YOU MAN!!! The hippies are no longer at the front line of the marches with the signs holding hands with people and this is a great concern to me because that spirit helped make big changes in the last century!

Where did this strain of hippie-sters come from? Why did hippies change? Why are hippies angry and self-absorbed like all the rest of us? Hippies are not supposed to be angry! Well maybe we need to ask our self that question. Did the hippie-sters kill the hippie or did we? Did years of the world not understanding their lifestyle of hippiedom cause them to run and retreat? Did years of endless harassment with phrases like DAMN HIPPIE and making fun of their lifestyle finally kill the hippie spirit? I hope not in fact I pray it has not because if we killed the last bit of human decency of true love and acceptance to all man-kind then this world is going to get a lot worse and fast.

Real hippies we need you and we are sorry we took your PEACE LOVE and KINDNESS for granted. Please step back up help show us again how to make changes in the world by opening our hearts, minds and soul.

We need a Hippie apocalypse! Please come back in full force and we will willingly throw you all the vegetarian organic eating hippie-sters for you to devour to help bring balance back in the world! 

Peace out Pineapples

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Segregation is allowed?

The landscape and culture of a city is vastly different from each section of blocks to the next. You can see this subtle change at each red light you stop at as you travel further down a street in your town. Different people. Different economic features. Different attributes of the city and different failures as well. From the bustling cars to the multitude of eccentric vociferous people at certain areas of a town. It is a bubbling brewing charismatic flavor that rises through the air perfuming each section of a city with its own unique aroma. Visitors come and feel this energy and art of each whirlpool of culture spinning within our city and think how charming, how lovely, how great. But for the actual natives we see that each section that spins is really cut off and alone from the other parts. My next piece I am working on to post will be on the topic
 "Does Segregation still Exist?"

Maybe not in the form of a wooden sign reading WHITES ONLY but segregation is still wildly seen within a city and is the causality of a sparsely funded educational system, a ignored economic rehabilitation structure, and a densely populated system full of broken people who are not receiving proper mental help. 

I am excited to present a new series that will focus on the continued segregation of a city that was on the front lines of the Civil Rights and now on the front lines of most violent cities. Why is there still so many lines drawn in the sand in our modern city?

Segregation of a City
:A drive down Main Street 

Have a Happy Pineapple Day

Monday, September 2, 2013



I am a Muslim so how do I pray?
Kneeling on my knees talking to God.
You are a Christian how do you pray?
You pray on your knees to God as well? 
I am a Muslim I lean forward in prayer
You are Jewish and do that as well?

I have a Holy book filled with the last words from God.
You have a Bible that came before ours,
You have a Torah that started it all,
but all books combined are the words from the same God.
Why do you hate my book it has the same author as yours!

I am a Muslim, our woman sometimes wear a hijab
but it gets scary with all the ugly glances directed at me.
You are a Christian you like to wear a cross?
People have never hurt you with silence when you walk up.
You are a Jew and free to wear religious symbols .
No one curses you for your devotion?

I am Muslim, I try to live my days mindful of God
Now my time is making sure no one is lurking trying to do my family harm.
Your a Christian you don't worry of these things?
How nice and how peaceful to have fearless freedom to pray.
You are Jew? Your religion was once a target?
Do you have any advice for our unwanted brothers?

I am a Muslim. You are a Christian. And you are a Jew.
We all have the same basic Holy vision
but we have different living conditions.
I look and I see you peacefully living together.
Why do you question me and my people?
Why am I not welcome at your table?
Why are my tokens of my devotion to God
looked as some sort of radical political statement?

Yes some people who said they were Muslim did very bad things
but so have your people at different times, different days.
But the world certainly doesn't hate your religion or mistreat its innocent victims.
Those bad guys I promise did not live like a real Muslim!

I am a Muslim, a victim of hate just for how I pray
but God teaches me to love you anyway.
I am a Muslim, we grew from the roots of your faiths
so I will respect you because you are a part of my extended and growing faith.

I am a Muslim and I have HOPE because I pray.
You are a Christian and have PEACE with your faith.
You are a Jew and with prayer COMES ease.

I pray one day we can all come together
I HOPE PEACE COMES and we share it together!

Cherokee Harrows

I am just a single voice in a sea of many

What makes a good writer? Many things but mostly the ability to tell a story people would like to hear. What makes a good journalist? This I am on the road to finding out so any helpful insight would be very much obliged. I don’t want to tell a story to offend people or light fires but at times I believe the flames must be flamed in order for people to see the smoke and put the fires of the world out. Today I start my blooming journalistic musings with topics that have been playing out for years. Some investigative, some query’s, some firsthand accounts but all bridged together in order to help knock the controversial fires out. Why am I confident I can make a difference or people would care what I have to say? I’m not. I am scared to death but I have many people who were also scared to death impact and change my life.

Never Underestimate Yourself